WLEP Nov 12

Worcestershire LEP Mid Term Conference – The Outlook is Bright

9th of November 2012 - The Pitch View Suite, Worcester Warriors, Worcester

The brief was for a ½ day conference with the key objectives of raising the profile of the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership and their role in engaging in active communication with and between local businesses. The on-going activities and future strategies of the partnership, materialised in the form of the LEP Business Plan, were to be showcased as part of the programme.

The day resulted in an interactive event for Worcester businesses, with nearly 300 delegates being welcomed by conference chair ITV ‘weather girl’, Emma Jesson. Throughout the morning, attendees were involved in live texting polls and Q&A Panel sessions which led to an active engagement in off-line and on-line networking, constantly monitored by our live Twitter feed.

The conference was complimented on the “...liveliness, slickness and interest from start to finish... We are very grateful to you and your team for creating such a good show, and certainly hope to work with you in the future” .  Peter Pawsey, Executive Chair, Worcestershire LEP

“A brilliant, polished and vibrant conference which explained what the LEP was all about extremely well” .  Claire Bridges, Operations Manager, Worcestershire LEP